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Content is king!

We produce engaging learning content in collaboration with your own subject matter experts or ours, for access on any device including smartphone and tablet. Content can be hosted on our own platform; on a professionally themed version of Moodle we can set up for you; or you can upload packages to your own existing Learning Management System.

We have many years’ experience of instructional design (turning ‘raw’ scripts into storyboards for learning) working for universities, the corporate sector, and educational publishers.

Testing times

We have a track record of work in computer-based / online assessment that stretches back almost 20 years across sectors including higher education, the corporate sector, healthcare and councils. We can provide both consultancy and development services, whether it’s training in the use of Moodle Quiz or creating large scale question banks.

Professional setup, theming and hosting

If you’d prefer to go down the route of using an open source learning platform, we can help with that. Our directors have years of experience of supporting Moodle and WordPress based platforms in a variety of sectors (Higher Education, healthcare, corporate). There are lots of other open source tools for e-portfolios, content authoring, web conferencing, informal learning etc – we can help you navigate through the maze of options so you make the right choices for your needs and budget.

In another world

We use a range of technologies to create immersive environments that can really engage your staff or learners. From 360 degree photographic walkthroughs with clickable hotspots, to 3D visualisations, to aerial drone videos, we have both in-house experience and a network of trusted associates we work with.

Getting it right

If you’ve already made some early steps with introducing e-learning into your organisation but aren’t sure where to go next, get in touch via the contact form. We’ll happily take the time to find out more about your needs and advise you – as impartially as possible – on your options.


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