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CourseBeam is our own Learning Management System (LMS) for clients / ┬áscenarios where there’s no need for lots of bells and whistles, just an easy way to upload, update, deliver and assess learning around a few key topics to your staff. This is an updated version of an approach that has been proven over the last decade across dozens of client sites developed by Innovation 4 Learning at the University of Derby, many of which have migrated across to Marked Improvement.

Your site is hosted on our own dedicated servers managed by one of the UK’s top professional hosting providers, enabling us to provide you with a detailed and robust Service Level Agreement.

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  • One tool to do it all
  • Hybrid of Content Management System (CMS) and Learning Management System (LMS)
  • No need to use a separate e-learning authoring tool
  • Create learning content including quizzes within CourseBeam
  • Ideal for delivering and monitoring compliance training
  • Track and report on your learners’ engagement
  • Aimed at non-technical staff in HR / L&D departments
  • Works on all modern browsers / platforms
  • Responsive design so your staff can access e-learning via their phones / tablets
  • Based on a system proven since 2005 with dozens of organisations, large and small
  • Only pay for the features you need
  • Customise design to match your corporate brand guidelines
  • You pay for initial setup then an annual support / hosting / maintenance charge based on the number of learners

Further information for IT managers:

  • CourseBeam Pro adds SCORM / XAPI support for 3rd party content packages created in Storyline, Lectora, Elucidat etc
  • Hosted on high-spec servers in UK data centre
  • Based on PHP / MySQL
  • No use of Flash
  • Completely recoded over 2017/18
  • GDPR ready
  • Can be hosted on your own server if you prefer